Recap of our Summer Events

Well as it's the first of November it's high time we recapped all the exciting things that happened over the summer!

&TONIC artisanal tonic syrup craft cocktail

Our first (ever) event was PROOF Washington Destillers Festival which brings together local craft distilleries, cocktail experts, representatives from local Seattle restaurants, and of course people who make things that go well with boozy libations! We learned a lot from this first event and had a great time marketing and meeting new people!

& TONIC andtonic Seattle artisinal tonic syrup

In August we took &TONIC across the pond to England and Wales! We visited a few distilleries and passed around samples, hopefully paving the way for future shipping endeavors. (We're currently trying to work out the kinks in international shipping and exporting.)  We also took the opportunity to snap some pictures of &TONIC with some interesting scenery.


The main reason behind our trip to Great Britain was to provide &TONIC for a wedding! The couple had a number of signature drinks at their cocktail bar and we have it on good authority that the "Seattle Gin & TONIC" was a crowd pleaser and the bartenders couldn't serve it up quick enough! They chose to serve it with a grapefruit garnish, which was delicious. It was also popular as a mocktail for those that chose to forgo the gin, much to the delight of all those who couldn't otherwise partake!

& TONIC artisinal tonic syrup cider cocktail

Washington Cider Week, hosted by the Northwest Cider Association, was a week-long celebration of craft cider. We had the pleasure of partnering with Cockrell Hard Cider to educate the masses on making cocktails with cider! (Want a suggestion for making your own cider cocktail? Get out your bottle of & TONIC and head over to our Recipes page!)

The Portland Night Market was a ton of fun. We teamed up with Aria Gin and served gin &TONICs on tap! This not only pleased those who have already been won over to the craft cocktail life, but also converted many previously gin-averse people! The PDXNM is a free, two-night event with 155 vendors, which drew over 20,000 people over the weekend so we were kept on our toes! Sad you missed the event? Have no fear, we're planning a reprise for the next event in November! Stay tuned for more information!